The status bag. Roberta Di Camerino

The status bag.

The Kelly bag by Hermes, the Speedy bag of Vuitton, the Gucci monogram bag and the quilted Chanel bag with the leather-threaded chain shoulder strap. Bags that show off the success and status of the one, carrying the bag.

We all know the names of these it-bags. But who created the concept of status bag? The Italian designer Giuliana Camerino (1920 –2010) is credited for it. She founded her Venetian fashion house Roberta di Camerino just after the war in 1945. Her wonderful handbags were renowned for their innovativeness, for their richly patterned and coloured fabrics. Her cut-velvet bags featured brass (often goldplated) hardware made by Venetian craftsmen. Long before Gucci designed the G’s pattern, Roberta di Camerino used a trellis of the R (the tag of the brand); she designed woven leather bags before it was the signature of the Bottega Veneta bag. Her designs were widely copied.

Camerino bags became quickly Status bags, thanks to celebrities like Liz Taylor, Gina Lollobrigida, Isabella Rossellini. The legendary Bagonghi bag was photographed in 1956 on the arm of Grace Kelly, decades later Madonna carried Camerino’s Caravel bag.

Since we discovered this very elegant Italian brand, we are in love. So the big hunt has started and FASHIAN has four very special, even rare Roberta Di Camerino – bags:

1) a Bagonghi small handbag. This velvet treasure has leather lining and brass hardware. Measurements: height 14 cm; width 27 cm; deep 11 cm.

2) a Caravel handbag. Velvet in the typical Camerino Blue, Green and Burgundy colours, with brass hardware and leather lining. Measurements: height 22 cm; width 23 cm; 10 cm deep.

3) a beauty case with a lock. This big velvet ornament, with brass hardware and leather details upgrades your trip. Measurements: height 20 cm; width 31 cm; deep 22 cm.

4) a clutch. Carry your creditcards in this velvet clutch with the pattern of R-trellis, leather lining and the brass R. Measurements: height 15,5 cm; width 24 cm; deep 1 cm.

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