The most exclusive Italian brands you probably never heard of.

The most exclusive Italian brands you probably never heard of

Prada, Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Stone Island and Fendi are household names
when it comes to digging a hole in your shopping budget. For example a Prada
summer suit for men costs approximately 2250 euro. But this is a funprice,
compared to the classic suits and garment from Brioni, Kiton, Loro Piana, Zegna
and Brunello Cucinelli.

Let’s start with Brioni, the Roman legendary Italian tailoring company. Famous
style icons like James Bond (Pierce Brosnan-era), Obama, Drake, Brad Pitt,
Samuel L. Jackson were seen in Brioni. Virgil van Dijk wore a Brioni suit when he
was named Uefa Men’s Player of the Year. Probably they got their hand
tailored suits, but when you want one yourself, grab your money: between €
6000 – €17000 and you can call yourself a proud owner of a real Brioni suit.
Mind you, the most luxury suits have the 24-karat gold thread that Brioni
weaves into its most luxurious suits.

Kiton, it sounds more like a building company, but this clothing brand has ‘the
aim of spreading elegance and style around the world, our mission is to be the
brand of choice for sophisticated connoisseurs of all generations.’ They call it
Kitonism. Their exclusive weaves and patterns from the historical archives in
Naples are combined with constant research to produce the ultimate quality of
fabrics. Kiton embraced vicuña: the most precious and sought-after yarn in the
world due to its rareness, lightness and ductility, its softness and ability to
provide warmth. Are you in need of such a glove-fitting comfi suit? Check your
creditcard and raise the credit to €8000.

Loro Piana together with Brunello Cucinelli are famous for their knitwear and
extremely soft fabric. You can choose your pullover made of baby cashmere,
fabric that comes from the first combing of a Mongolian cashmere baby goat.
Or from vicuña, silk, linen, wool and a blend of these yarns make their knitwear
extremely comfortable. A crewneck with cables costs € 1950. But beware of
moths, they love this 3-star Michelin meal.

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